Altered Carbon: Resleeved
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Altered Carbon: Resleeved

Altered Carbon: Resleeved

On the planet Latimer, Takeshi Kovacs must protect a tattooist while investigating the death of a yakuza boss alongside a no-nonsense CTAC.

Altered Carbon: Resleeved 123Movies review

Altered Carbon: Resleeved in just 75 minutes took me into an incredible story that left a pleasant aftertaste and stunned with an unexpected final episode. The talented acting of the actors, excellent directorial work, a well-thought-out plot - all this made the film an outstanding representative of the Animation, Best 2020, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, In theatres, Mystery, Science Fiction genre. 2020 is rich in quality work in the film industry, but this film has become truly iconic in its genre, thanks to a well-thought-out plot.

is a real expert in his field, he simply penetrated the viewers brain, showing him through the characters the whole essence of complex human nature. The movie Altered Carbon: Resleeved 123movies brought together my most beloved and respected Ayaka Asai, Jouji Nakata, Kanehira Yamamoto, Rina Satou, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, so I just could not pass by this amazing and interesting film story.