Funny Pages
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Funny Pages

Funny Pages

A teenage cartoonist rejects the comforts of his suburban life in a misguided quest for soul.

Funny Pages 123Movies review

I watched the film Funny Pages 123movies without stopping for 87 minutes, which is a great rarity, because I am very selective in the subject of cinema and appreciate only really high-quality work. A worthy film in the genre of Comedy, it truly reveals all the images of the characters, each of which attracts with its difficult story. The cast of the movie was just on top, they were able to present a difficult story so believably that the film became the best in its genre in 2022.

To gather the most talented actors on one set and tell an amazing story, Owen Kline of Funny Pages 123movies did it just perfect. The presence of Cleveland Thomas Jr, Daniel Zolghadri, Josh Pais, Marcia DeBonis, Maria Dizzia, Matthew Maher, Michael Townsend Wright, Miles Emanuel, Rob M. Anderson, Stephen Adly Guirgis in the cast made the film a real delight for the eyes and soul, you believe their game without a doubt, the story is told simply incredible.