Night Blooms
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Night Blooms

Night Blooms

Jessica Clement stars with Nick Stahl in a furtive 90’s set drama about young Carly and her love affair with her best friend’s Dad.

Night Blooms 123Movies review

In Night Blooms 123movies, the intrigue starts from the first minute and lasts until the very end, which is the perfect way to keep the viewer at the screen for minutes. A worthy film in the genre of Drama, it truly reveals all the images of the characters, each of which attracts with its difficult story. 2022 will be remembered for the release of this wonderful film, which organically combines several of the most popular genres of cinema.

Stephanie Joline has chosen the perfect cast to convey all the nuances of this amazing story, a truly professional work. Alexandra McDonald, Bob Mann, Calem MacDonald, David Rossetti, Jennie Raymond, Jessica Clement, Micha Cromwell, Nick Stahl, Oliver Boyle, Samuel Davison really made the film one of the best in its genre, such an atmosphere in the frame really captivates even the most sophisticated viewer.