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A woman’s carefully constructed life is upended when an unwelcome shadow from her past returns, forcing her to confront the monster she’s evaded for two decades.

Resurrection 123Movies review

Resurrection in just 103 minutes took me into an incredible story that left a pleasant aftertaste and stunned with an unexpected final episode. A worthy film in the genre of Drama, Horror, Thriller, it truly reveals all the images of the characters, each of which attracts with its difficult story. In 2022, some really decent films came out, but this one was remembered for the talented acting and the incredibly confusing storyline.

To gather the most talented actors on one set and tell an amazing story, Andrew Semans, Eric LaFranchi, John Wayne Marshall, Kyle Wright, Michael Kefeyalew of Resurrection 123movies did it just perfect. The presence of Angela Wong Carbone, Grace Kaufman, Jaime Zevallos, Josh Drennen, Michael Esper, Patrick Klein, Rebecca Hall, Rosemary Howard, Tim Roth, Winsome Brown in the cast made the film a real delight for the eyes and soul, you believe their game without a doubt, the story is told simply incredible.