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A mysterious blonde bombshell takes over Los Angeles billboards in the mid-80s, ushering in the era of famous-for-being-famous influencer culture.

Angelyne 123Movies review

I will definitely re-watch all the episodes of Angelyne once again, the series makes you think and turn on logic to the maximum, a great idea of ​​talented people. Each actor who took part in the 0 seasons has become an integral part of an interesting story that has won the hearts of millions of viewers. The series has beautifully thought-out episodes, each of which gradually reveals the complex nature of the main characters. Among all the new products of 2022, this series was remembered for its non-trivial plot and completely new directorial decisions in terms of casting.

It is impossible to imagine the genre of Drama without this truly memorable series, the story appears to the viewer truly believable. Nancy Oliver brings novelty to every project I undertake, and this series is no exception, I definitely did not expect such sharp plot twists. Studio Anonymous Content, Composition 8, Esmail Corp, The Hollywood Reporter, UCP this time released the most popular TV series in its genre, the professionals did their job at the highest level. Watch the entire series in one breath and come to my senses at the very end, for me Alex Karpovsky, Emmy Rossum did an incredible job, a gorgeous acting game.

TV Status: Ended



Starring: Alex Karpovsky, Emmy Rossum,