Bust Down
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Bust Down

Bust Down

Four friends working dead-end casino jobs in a dead-end town in Middle America attempt to find self-worth in their bad ideas.

Bust Down 123Movies review

Bust Down is an ingeniously filmed series, the emotional intensity is off scale, the characters are charismatic and natural, a very unusual ending. Reality and fiction intertwined in the 1 seasons so closely that all events merged into one unique story that still lives in the hearts of fans. The 6 series flew by completely unnoticed, thanks to the excellent directorial work and the talented acting of the star cast. The series premiered in 2022, but even now this story has not lost its relevance, I can watch each episode several times.

Numerous positive reviews about the series turned out to be true, in the genre of Comedy I have never seen such a well-chosen cast. Another delightful work of the ingenious Chris Redd, Jak Knight, Langston Kerman, Sam Jay, who perfectly recreated the best traditions of the popular genre in the series. The next work of the studio Broadway Video, Universal Television is distinguished by an unpredictable plot and well-thought-out characters, the director has produced another masterpiece. Simply brilliant, Chris Redd, Jak Knight, Langston Kerman, Sam Jay did not leave a shadow of doubt in my heart, I believed their game unconditionally, emotions and feelings were conveyed flawlessly.

TV Status: Returning Series


TMDb: 10


Starring: Chris Redd, Jak Knight, Langston Kerman, Sam Jay,