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British sitcom adapted from the Israeli sitcom Little Mom. It follows the ups and downs of life, friendship and family for three women living in Hull – self-described actress Toni, her sister Paula and best friend Rana.

Hullraisers 123Movies review

In its genre, Hullraisers can be safely called a masterpiece, the series has rightfully become a cult, leaving a noticeable mark in the hearts of viewers. The 1 of the seasons did not affect the quality of the series in any way, the storyline developed logically and is quite understandable to the viewer. I enjoyed watching the episodes of the series 6 and each one hooked on in its own way, a great storyline with unexpected twists. I spent incredible money on this series, which premiered on 2022, the director`s ambitious project has become a real gem of the genre.

It is impossible to imagine the genre of Comedy without this truly memorable series, the story appears to the viewer truly believable. Talented, with a deep soul, Anne Marie O'Connor, Caroline Moran, Lucy Beaumont became a real creator for this series, creating strong, sensual and charismatic characters. The professionals of the studio Fable Pictures are versed in high-quality filming of serials, and the next work only proved the high level of this team. It was not for nothing that the director had been deciding on the cast of the series for so long, as a result Leah Brotherhead, Sinead Matthews, Taj Atwal, Yanick Ghanty were really in their places, the characters turned out to be incredibly charismatic.

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 23 min


TMDb: 9


Starring: Leah Brotherhead, Sinead Matthews, Taj Atwal, Yanick Ghanty,