Life by Ella
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Life by Ella

Life by Ella

After a life-changing experience, 13-year-old Ella is eager to seize the day. As she learns to appreciate each moment, she faces the fears that once defined her—and encourages others to do the same.

Life by Ella 123Movies review

Life by Ella is an ingeniously filmed series, the emotional intensity is off scale, the characters are charismatic and natural, a very unusual ending. Reality and fiction intertwined in the 1 seasons so closely that all events merged into one unique story that still lives in the hearts of fans. 10 series of the series made me look at many things in a new way, a very vital and realistic story, I was completely delighted. I spent incredible money on this series, which premiered on 2022, the director`s ambitious project has become a real gem of the genre.

Among the series of the genre Comedy, Drama, Family, this one stands out for its realism and completely logical storyline, thanks to the director and the talented cast. I love the work of Jeff Hodsden, Tim Pollock, and this one only confirmed my beliefs, attention to the smallest detail made this series as interesting as possible for the viewer. Studio this time released the most popular TV series in its genre, the professionals did their job at the highest level. It was not for nothing that the director had been deciding on the cast of the series for so long, as a result Aidan Wallace, Artyon Celestine, Kevin Rahm, Lily Brooks O'Briant, Mary Faber, Vanessa Carrasco were really in their places, the characters turned out to be incredibly charismatic.

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Starring: Aidan Wallace, Artyon Celestine, Kevin Rahm, Lily Brooks O'Briant, Mary Faber, Vanessa Carrasco,