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A pro League of Legends esports team pursues their first championship after years of close calls and heartache. To win it all, they will need their prodigy, a 17-year-old rookie, and their 27-year-old veteran to put their egos aside and work together.

Players 123Movies review

Players is an ingeniously filmed series, the emotional intensity is off scale, the characters are charismatic and natural, a very unusual ending. Each actor who took part in the 1 seasons has become an integral part of an interesting story that has won the hearts of millions of viewers. 10 series of the series made me look at many things in a new way, a very vital and realistic story, I was completely delighted. I spent incredible money on this series, which premiered on 2022, the director`s ambitious project has become a real gem of the genre.

In the genre of Comedy there is no equal to this series, because such intensity of passions and emotionality of the main characters, at one moment bribe all viewers. Talented, with a deep soul, Dan Perrault, Tony Yacenda became a real creator for this series, creating strong, sensual and charismatic characters. Studio 3 Arts Entertainment, Brillstein Entertainment Partners, CBS Studios, Funny or Die this time released the most popular TV series in its genre, the professionals did their job at the highest level. It was not for nothing that the director had been deciding on the cast of the series for so long, as a result Alexa Mansour, Da'Jour Jones, Ely Henry, Holly Chou, Luke Tennie, Misha Brooks, Moses Storm, Peter Thurnwald, Stephen Schneider, Youngbin Chung were really in their places, the characters turned out to be incredibly charismatic.