Standing Up
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Standing Up

Standing Up

From odd jobs to the hunt for viral fame, making a career in stand-up comedy isn’t easy, but four friends risk everything to make the world laugh.

Standing Up 123Movies review

I will definitely re-watch all the episodes of Standing Up once again, the series makes you think and turn on logic to the maximum, a great idea of ​​talented people. Reality and fiction intertwined in the 0 seasons so closely that all events merged into one unique story that still lives in the hearts of fans. series of the series made me look at many things in a new way, a very vital and realistic story, I was completely delighted. At first I did not even pay attention to this series, because in 2022 many new projects appeared on the screens, but this is in vain, the story is simply gorgeous.

In the genre of Comedy, Drama there is no equal to this series, because such intensity of passions and emotionality of the main characters, at one moment bribe all viewers. Another delightful work of the ingenious Fanny Herrero, who perfectly recreated the best traditions of the popular genre in the series. The professionals of the studio are versed in high-quality filming of serials, and the next work only proved the high level of this team. Elsa Guedj, Jean Siuen, Mariama Gueye, Pascale Arbillot, Younès Boucif were simply created for these roles, emotional and charismatic, they looked so organic in the series that it was impossible not to believe them.

Views: 107

Genre: ComedyDrama


TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 45 min


TMDb: 10


Starring: Elsa Guedj, Jean Siuen, Mariama Gueye, Pascale Arbillot, Younès Boucif,