Spies in Disguise
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Spies in Disguise

Spies in Disguise

Lance and Walter. One is a super cool and charming spy, and the other invents the super cool gadgets Lance uses. When an event happens, they must learn to rely on each other like never before in order to save the world.

Spies in Disguise 123Movies review

I watched the film Spies in Disguise 123movies without stopping for minutes, which is a great rarity, because I am very selective in the subject of cinema and appreciate only really high-quality work. I really liked this film, in the genre of Action, Adventure, Animation, In theatres it stands out for its intricate plot and unique acting that you really believe. 2019 will be remembered for the release of this wonderful film, which organically combines several of the most popular genres of cinema.

I admire this directorial work of Troy Quane, he conducted the main storyline so subtly that the ending, although unexpected, was quite logical. The movie Spies in Disguise 123movies brought together my most beloved and respected Ben Mendelsohn, DJ Khaled, Karen Gillan, Masi Oka, Rashida Jones, Tom Holland, Will Smith, so I just could not pass by this amazing and interesting film story.


IMDb: 6.8